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Federal Employee Retirement Estimator


For iPhone & iPad

FERS+CSRS does the math so you can focus on your options


Free Federal Annuity Estimates


  • Calculates your earliest possible retirement date

  • Estimates both FERS and CSRS

  • Supports Law Enforcement, Air Traffic Controller, Firefighter

  • Supports Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA)

  • Supports FERS Transfer and CSRS Offset employees


3 Easy Steps


  • Enter your age & employment info

  • Enter your current salary

  • Enter your retirement date


  • Income displayed in a colorful, easy to understand graph

  • See income for any age during the next 50 years

You're in Control

  • You decide when to retire

  • Identify low-income years before they happen

  • Make new decisions to change the future

Free Features


  • Graphs income estimates for 50 years

  • Estimates CSRS, including CSRS Offset

  • Estimates FERS, including FERS transfers

  • Supports Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and Air Traffic Controllers

  • Calculates your earliest retirement date

  • Calculates reduced annuity for early retirement

  • Estimates your salary at time of retirement

  • Supports Voluntary Early Retirement (VERA)

  • Incorporates unused sick leave

Paid Features

  • Estimates Survivor Annuity

  • Applies Cost of Living Adjustments

  • Projects Social Security income

  • Adjusts Social Security based on starting age

  • Calculates FERS Annuity Supplement

  • Estimates TSP savings and income, including catch-up contributions and government matching

  • Includes other income sources, such as rental income, other investments or a part-time job

  • Supports Part-time (Phased) retirement

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