Federal Employee Retirement Estimator


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FERS+CSRS does the math so you can focus on your options


Free Federal Annuity Estimates


  • Calculates your earliest possible retirement date

  • Estimates both FERS and CSRS

  • Supports Law Enforcement, Air Traffic Controller, Firefighter

  • Supports Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA)

  • Supports FERS Transfer and CSRS Offset employees


3 Easy Steps


  • Enter your age & employment info

  • Enter your current salary

  • Enter your retirement date


  • Income displayed in a colorful, easy to understand graph

  • See income for any age during the next 50 years

You're in Control

  • You decide when to retire

  • Identify low-income years before they happen

  • Make new decisions to change the future

Free Features


  • Graphs income estimates for 50 years

  • Estimates CSRS, including CSRS Offset

  • Estimates FERS, including FERS transfers

  • Supports Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and Air Traffic Controllers

  • Calculates your earliest retirement date

  • Calculates reduced annuity for early retirement

  • Estimates your salary at time of retirement

  • Supports Voluntary Early Retirement (VERA)

  • Incorporates unused sick leave

Paid Features

  • Estimates Survivor Annuity

  • Applies Cost of Living Adjustments

  • Projects Social Security income

  • Adjusts Social Security based on starting age

  • Calculates FERS Annuity Supplement

  • Estimates TSP savings and income, including catch-up contributions and government matching

  • Includes other income sources, such as rental income, other investments or a part-time job

  • Supports Part-time (Phased) retirement


FERS+CSRS is valuable for do-it-yourself planning, but we highly recommend you seek professional guidance and education.


Information is provided without warranty, either expressed or implied. Estimates are no guarantee of retirement eligibility or income.


FERS+CSRS is not affiliated with any government agency.


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