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How accurate is the estimate?


We are using FERS+CRSR for our personal calculations, so it better be accurate!


We spent a year studying OPM's retirement formulas and tables to determine the required calculations.  All FERS+CRSR calculations match the existing OPM examples. There are some small differences due to rounding.


We also cross-checked results against estimates for actual employees. Let us know if you suspect an error and we'll track it down and explain the difference. 

Note: employees with specialized retirement rules (Members of Congress, Congressional Staff, etc.) are not entirely supported in the current version. Also, part-time employment will not be reflected in the app's estimate.

Do you have an Android version?


Not yet.  If FERS+CRSR becomes popular then we will definitely create an Android version. So spread the word!

Can I create multiple estimates?


You cannot calculate multiple estimates at the same time, but you can calculate an unlimited number of scenarios.


If you have a spouse that is also a federal employee, we recommend you do the estimate for the person that is retiring first and write down the starting annuity and TSP amounts. Then, estimate the person retiring last and enter the first person's Annuity and TSP in the "Other Income" sections. This will give you a close estimate, though perhaps not entirely accurate.



What if I've already retired?


If you've already retired, you already know your annuity so you don't need an estimate. But the app will still project it along with estimated Social Security, TSP and other income.



Where can I get help?


Within the app, the icon next to each field opens a help window that describes what's needed. For other questions about how to use FERS+CSRS, send us a message by tapping Resources->Feedback in the app.


For retirement planning questions, we recommend you contact your personnel office to find out what resources are available. Many regions offer classes that will provide detailed insight.

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